We are heading towards the future



Planning, farsightedness and practicability, are the main features of the Consorzio Zai's 60 years' work. The association is facing the third millennium in the conviction that the greatest advantage for the city and the territory lies in the activity of organisations interested in research, creativity and change.

The Consorzio's ability to predict future scenarios has been proved continually over the years: from the dawning of the first  ZAI in Italy to the creation of a freight terminal, the Quadrante Europa, which is the Italian leader in terms of combined goods traffic volumes and internationally recognised as the best freight terminal in Europe, to the construction of an Innovation Area. The latest zone under the Consorzio's jurisdiction will be the Innovation Area, an avant-garde zone just like the Interporto Quadrante Europa, the Consorzio's pride and joy. This latter area is an authentic, highly specialised "goods city" governed by high level integrated logistics systems and equipped with a telecommunications network throughout the entire area.